terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014

Dave Wagstaffe DRUMMER

by e-mail ---------- jan-21th,2014

Hi Tulio
This is Dave Wagstaffe here, drummer with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - up until a month or so ago that is, as I no longer play with them. I just came across your story on a web page about the Rio festival, and was very impressed by your courage and determination to not let your unfortunate accident stop you from fulfilling your ambitions, so may I congratulae you on your achievements and wish you every success for the future.
Best wishes, Dave - http://davewagstaffe.com/


WOWOOO!!! my dear!!! very happy to open my mail-box and read this message Dave!!!
I have a Dream!!! --- to play in England or America!!!
my passion for the drums makes me overcome all challenges come back to play with great Feeling and DETERMINATION.
today I´m living on MARICÁ COUNTY a little distant 50km from downtown Rio (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil).
I´m italian and Germany descendant but my education as if American, because i am a CLASSIC ROCK DRUMMER.
much honour Dave!!! I VERY HAPPY to keep contact with you ok!!!
I love ken hensley and John Wetton ------ and I think they could be my friends too!!! total bliss, ahahahaha ------
GOD BLESS YOU --------

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