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2 Friends from Canada (Via FACEBOOK)

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Manny L. Fischer via FACEBOOK Tulio Fuzato: A truly amazing story...... when you think you have a tough life...take a look at what Tulio overcame......... Def Leppard ain't got nothin' on this strong willed dude....:O)

Tulio Fuzato - ahahaha Rick Allen .... from Def Leppard (I hit a chat with him ....)

Tulio - Thanks my Bro! I hope it be motivational for all those who has lost hope in the life ...... we should to live, we should to laugh becouse life is wonderful ...... ROCK AND ROOOOLLLL, WE SALUTE YOU ...... hugs Tulio:

Bing Willoughby - Going to check it out!

Bing Willoughby - Manny, thanks for posting! Tulio, great playing. I fanned you over on Reverb too. Inspirational!

Bing Willoughby - Hey Tulio! Cool. Great to meet you. We're connected now on Reverb too. All my best, from Canada! Bing. Thanks Manny!

Manny L. Fischer Wicked Tulio & thanks for helpin' out Tulio Bing..... man, what a guy.....:O)

Tulio - is not the best, but do it in the street:

Manny L. Fischer - You most certainly do ma brotha from anotha motha.... keep on rockin'........You are an inspiration to us all......:O)

Tulio Fuzato - I thank you very very much because it's been motivational for people who have lost hope in life, people who have lost a limb in an accident etc. .... I show resilience through the music!

Tulio - oh great!!! we´re connected in Reverbenation too!
Please spread my link with the people of Canada. My job is to Rock and Roooollllll ..... but I like to help people who have lost a member and have lost hope in life ..... hugs, Tulio -!/pages/Tulio-Fuzato-The-Double-Amputee-Drummer/101721076551071?ref=ts
for those who lose a limb or have lost hope in life. Overcoming challenges through music!

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