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Can-Do Musos TV

É com muita honra que faço parte desta Família na AUSTRALIA - o meu abraço e grande admiração por você Andrew Hewitt e Don Dom Famularo CAN-DO MUSOS!!!! ---- just only a word - HAPINESS!!!
Can-Do Musos TV Episode 1 (1hr33mins) - Hosted by Andrew Hewitt from Sydney Australia.
Can-Do Musos TV is an extention of Can-Do Musos (candomusos.com) a global organisation showcasing musicians living with a disability from all over the world.
We started Can-Do Musos in March 2013 at the studio of renowned drummer Dom Famularo in Long Island, New York. Present at this at this summit of sorts was Dom, Mike Mignogna, Andrew Hewitt and David Segal.
Mike was born with Cerebral Palsy and in town from Tennessee. He’s played drums since he was 11 years-old and has limited functions in his legs. Mike has not let this stop him from playing and he chronicles it in a book entitled "Look Ma No Feet". It is a practical approach to the drum set for someone with limited or no use of their legs.
Andrew, who hails from Australia and also has Cerebral Palsy, had just flown in from California to meet us after giving a presentation at The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP). Despite being in a wheelchair, he has traveled all over Australia giving clinics and performing. Andrew, Mike and Dom played together at Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2009 in Melbourne.
David was born with arthrogryposis, which affects the development of the bones, muscles and nerves in the hands and feet, and had to have 12 corrective surgeries throughout his youth. In spite of that, the desire to play drums was burning inside him and studying with Dom and other master drummers/percussionists each summer at KoSA inspired David even more.
Dom Famularo, a great Ambassador of drumming saw the drive that the three of us had and helped channel our energies into a new organization that, although started by four drummers, was created to empower all musicians with disabilities.
On this episode:
1. Calling Utopia - Woah (AUSTRALIA)
2. Joey Stuckey - Blind Man Drivin' (USA)
3. The Mendenhall Experiment (USA)
5. Lefty Williams Band - Let it roll on (USA)
6. Bipolar Bears intro (AUSTRALIA)
7. David Segal - Enter Sandman (USA)
8. Sal Aversano - On The Road (USA)
9. Mark Goffeney - Big Toe - Shine (USA)
10 Tony Gebhard - One Man Band (USA)
11 Joe Hardy (Unit 287 Drum Cam) - Look at Me (USA)
12. Mingus Elastic Band - Get to know love (ENGLAND)
13. Jeff St John - teach me how to fly (AUSTRALIA)
14. Gregory W Irish - Standing next to me (USA)
15. Tulio Fuzato - Drum Solo (BRAZIL) 1:04:42 www.tuliofuzato.com.br
16. Little Ozzy - Mamma Im Coming Home (USA)
17. Justin Hines - Lay My Burdens Down (CANADA)
19. Core - The Devil Letter (USA)
19. Hekura - Feeling the Rage (VENEZUELA)
20. Marlow - Life on Repeat (AUSTRALIA)
Can-Do Musos have reproduced these videos with the permission from the artist. We do not own the copyright for this material.
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