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An Amputee Drummer - DOCUMENTARY

00:17 - My name is Tulio Fuzato, and I am in advertising, working with marketing, graphic designer, but  that I like to do is play drums. 
00:32 - I can say I've had two lives into one life.
00:37 - Today you´ll know my history ...
00:44 - The fisrt contatc with drums was in Elementary School, 1967. There was a july party, and I was so close the band, listening a loud Rock, the guy punching cymbals, and I was amazed, hit of a bass drum, sound pressure of the Bass, I said to myself:  I´ll not play the guitar, going to be a drummer.
01:21 - DANIEL RIENDA (Musician)  - Tulio is one of the best drummer with whom I've played.
01:26 - LUCIANO NUNES (Musician) - We starded talking about Rock, after then he told me he was a drummer. how so?
01:44 - TULIO FUZATO - now, we are going to rehearsal, the band is ready waiting for me, sound check ok. We are preparing the Show - the rock will roll.
02:02 music PLANET MADNESS rehearsing ....
02:17 - TULIO FUZATO - the rhythm moves me, I've had it since childhood, I was born drummer.
02:26 - TULIO FUZATO - the best place in the world is on the drum´s seat. When I play the drums, I´m another man .....
02:42 - TULIO FUZATO - we have a contract signed in Lapa (Rio) and we have a chance to show by first time my CD and authoral song called, PLANET MADNESS (enter it on YouTube or visit my channel: tuliofuzato).
03:30 - TULIO - never forget your dreams. I lost both legs and went back to playing with the love of my friends.
04:09 - June 11th, 2003 - meeting with the train ....
04:11 - TULIO FUZATO - Look; that day was an atypical day. I suspected that something bad would happen to me. I had a free-lance work, because I had lost my job, bills to pay, a difficult woman in my life, marital problems, separation, pain, alcohol and drugs. unknowingly taking antidepressant drugs mixed with alcohol.
04:44 - TULIO - I was not in me, I was not well! but I had to continue staring at my job, my life, my duties.
then when I got into the train station, I felt a ringing in my ear, headache, dizziness and malaise. I passed down the rails of the train station.
05:21 - TULIO - a train passed over me!!! a stupid thing, an absurd! a miracle I have survived and come out only amputee!
05:38 - TULIO -  I was always going to be dead .....  I should have died .....
05:40 - TULIO - when my body came to Souza Aguiar Hospital, they put in my spreadsheet that was a suicide who had been thrown to the subway tracks. this caused a huge embarrassment to me, to my family. I had millions of friends. when they knew, they understood that I was crazy, mad and committed suicide.
everyone's disappeared ..... was sad! just left my father and my mother.
06:12 - EDUARDO MIZUTANI (Musician) - I heard through another friend named Jeronimo, and the comments were harsh criticism from not knowing what had happened.
06:32 - DANIEL RIENDA (Musician) - the greatest pleasure he had was playing his drums and he is now without both legs. ok he did not die, but how is his life going forward???
06:44 - THE DAY AFTER ....
06:47 - TULIO - after I have woken up in the hospital and see who was without two legs, I started freaking out. the first thing I thought was how I would play the drums with no legs??? how do I go back to being a real drummer. A drummer amputated??? how??? I had serious problems were coming from a desperate situation. I was a wider gap, and now was on the threshold down to hell. From one moment to another I saw no friends, But a friend came to visit me and unhappy with the situation he told me that I would return to play.
07:41 - EDUARDO MIZUTANI (Musician) - to play drums he would have to use prostheses and the thing would be most unlikely that he relearn. would be a great challenge!!!
07:54 - TULIO - when I left the hospital after 8 months, I was still in a wheelchair. This my friend got a place for my band play, but it would be a surprise party,  I´m not  knew I would have to play even though sitting in a wheelchair.
08:10 - EDUARDO MIZUTANI (Musician) - Then came the idea to play on the show!
08:17 - TULIO - the guy created an invention to an electronic drum pad I touch the snare and kick with my hands without using my legs. I was still in a wheelchair and went to play there anyway ...
08:33 - EDUARDO MIZUTANI (Musician) - tulio played as well as if nothing had happened, was appalling, all wept. and then other shows that came to him untill to walk and play using mechanical legs.
08:43 - TULIO - I got to play very well! everyone was surprised with emotion and wept with me also.
this was the show's return to the stage of the amputee drummer of Carioca Rock, in a wheelchair!!!
09:01 - TULIO - after that show I envisioned the possibility of returning to play professionally. it generated a certain furror, a kind of euphoria.
09:13 - DANIEL RIENDA (Musician) - now he would have to play with the thigh. would be much more difficult than learning to walk. and he would have to learn to do both at the same time.
09:22 - TULIO - I was rehabilitated in ABBR foundation, then with great effort I managed to master the kick pedal on bass drum and other techniques.
09:40 - LUCIANO NUNES (Musician) - he explains how Tulio uses the muscles of his stump and be very hard to believe this and says he's never seen anything like it.
10:02 - TULIO - when I had legs, and watched a person without legs or in a wheelchair I had love and compassion, I have always loved and respected that. But when I noticed to my new reality, I felt the prejudice in the flesh.
10:24 - LIA FUZATO (wife & manager) - A friend was totally against me marrying Tulio, she said, "what kind of life you will lead a man with amputation" He does not work! is recovering! you'll live a function of it. I do not see it that way! it´s not my point of wiew!!! We work at home and live together, travel, go to the movies, and everything is possible in accessible locations.
10:58 - TULIO FUZATO - The urban space at the cities is not yet fully fited to the disabled, there are no ramps that you can get around safely.  Neither street is good for us and we get risk in the asphalt floor.
If you fall into a hole ruined his day.
11:28 - MARCO REGA (Musician) - He just only changed his shoes .... he just goes a little slower, but still playing well, has a powerful voice and sings well! It remains for me the same person.
12:46 - TULIO FUZATO - Walking with the prosthesis I feel a different dynamic on the feet. You have to has triple attention don´t fall. On another day I stepped on a coca-cola screw thread and bent my foot and I almost fell on the ground.
12:15 - TULIO FUZATO - My diary routine is a bit complex because it is simple and easy things to do and some not so! None of these daily tasks are difficult, they are just the solution, and I have to live with them.
My wife does not get involved with almost anything, I can do everything!
12:34 - LIA FUZATO (wife & manager) - Tulio is a man who does everything alone, it just does not like to cook because it was not before.
12:45 - TULIO FUZATO - Checking, test drive! all right ... ok ...
12:46 - TULIO - this car is driven through the hands of a manually operated brake and accelerator that brings together in one command. automatic model does not require shifting.
13:20 - TULIO FUZATO - I achieved a quality of life, mobility. I can go to the studio,travel with my wife. Honda fit changed my Life, nice car!!!
13: 40 - TULIO FUZATO - overcoming challenges comes from the inside to out. The mental and spiritual aspects, is the most important, because the physical part, can easily be remedied with crutches, prostheses, wheelchair, etc...  Feelings and thoughts have to be worked towards overcoming.
14:07 - SPANISH TOURIST says: FELICITACIONES (Congratulation) and I answer: Thanks - (muchas gracias).
14:12 - EDUARDO MIZUTANI (Musician) - He is an example of overcoming. Anyone who goes through such a situation should know Tulio.
14:21 - TULIO FUZATO - The guy has become an amputee. Tulio changed his mind? He would not go back? No regrets! ok, I lost a Limb, but I got other things. today I have a broader outlook on life. Today I have a very different world view than I had before.
14:41 - TULIO FUZATO - Today I am a new person, other feelings with another heart another mind. I am a new person, with another heart another mind other feelings other values of life. I could in the meantime help brothers who lost an arm amputated due to diabetes, etc ... I see that I could be the lever to overcome to other people like me or worse. This new life has brought me a very large scale human. The understanding of the whole!!!
15:18 - TULIO FUZATO - I feel a new man speaking from the bottom of my heart.
15:21 - MARCO REGA (Musician) - there are people who make a huge thing a little problem; and the people who has a big problem react well surpassing the origin.  They do not really have the problem and do not feel the pain ..... because they are strong and capable! Tulio Fuzato my brother my great drummer.
15:43 - TULIO FUZATO says - smiling! Lia (my wife) is an angel that came into my life!!!
15:47 - TULIO FUZATO says - swimming in the sea without legs was a very interesting experience because I thought it would sink and unlike my body was lighter without the Femur and I swam a lot better ...... I love the sea!

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