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de: Obi
para:  tulio.fuzato@gmail.com
data: 5 de outubro de 2010 - 12:30
assunto:  An introduction...
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Ola Tulio...
I was introduced to your site through AloArtista.com. Elisabete Almeida sent me an e-mail (Copied below) linking to your website. You are quite an impressive individual.
My Name is Obi and, I live in the states. I am a Global percussionist who is also a brain tumor survivor. I had to spend a portion of my life re-developing use of my left side and retraining my technique to accommodate some continuing dispraxia ( a "misfire" in coordination which still occasionally afflicts me).
I now conduct drumming programs to aid as a tool for rehabilitation. (at least, I have created the programs, finding more places in which to conduct them is an ongoing process...)
I already run several drumming programs for people with disabilities and for youth with emotional/ psychological issues.

In any event, I have read your story. You are in fact, an inspiration. In listening to your music, I would not have guessed that you had your legs amputated. It seems to me that you do not "miss a beat" and your sound is quite professional and exceptional. If ever some day I can get to Brazil, it would be an honor to meet you personally.

Much luck to you and many blessings.

*copied message from Elisabete:
>Hello Obi

>Take a look at the site: http://www.tuliofuzato.com.br/ and http://www.aloartista.com/artista.asp?inCod=381
>He´s a drummer and has a life´s story very dramatic and interesting.
>Maybe you can contact him.

You can find Obi at the following sites...

And on Facebook:
Obi's Fan Page
Obi's profile page

Dear Obi, is an honor to have you here on FACEBOOK, I'm also appalled by his skills, his work with the disabled, and their whole career man ..... you are welcome!!! Let me know about you ..... I´m going chat with you by e-mail ok!!! tulio.fuzato@gmail.com
have a nice day ..... maybe we could do something together??? kin...dly hugs for you Man: Tulio - http://www.tuliofuzato.com.br/

The only thing that truly separates man from other primates is the ability to manipulate a razor: Shaved Monkey Productions
Obi's official website!


wow my dear friend ....
it´s a honor meet you here ....
I think your work with disabled must be very gratifying ....
I know this, because I give lectures at a rehabilitation institution for the disabled ....
but my dream would be to give motivational lecture on drums and percussion ...
if I lived in the USA, could easily do so. but here in Brazil there are no welfare programs!
I would love to visit you once ....
could do something together ....
is a dream ....
I gotta go .....
but you know you can count on me even at distance or in the digital world. my love and my esteem.
Hugs, Tulio

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