sábado, 6 de março de 2010


We want to show through the history of Tulio, the ability of humans to recover, overcome and literally rebuild after a tragedy, and that none of us is free. Also show how music can be a wonderful chance for all, and if it was crucial to his taking action. The Tulio and many others, are an example to be followed by all people who have lost hope in life. DETERMINATION is their motto ... without forgetting that it is not iron ... is just another struggling human being like anybody else. The story of Tulio is no different from yours. He was unemployed, had separation, depression, rent to pay, difficulties thousand, health problems, and did not seek help. Low self-esteem and depression, along with barbiturates (anti-depressants and sedatives) and alcohol, used the wrong way, causing the terrible encounter with a train, resulting in a traumatic amputation of both legs on 11/06/2003 and then a struggle of life against death, of good versus evil, and attempt to self improvement daily. Before that, Tulio loved a beach, up the hill the trail da Urca, sent the "drums" and worked as a graphic designer in advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro. Until today's date Tulio is recovering. It is a slow process, just the rush there is much anxiety. It is a daily process control and improvement of physical and spiritual. Thank God I had much help at all. "Angels" in human form came in my way. I quote some as pseudonym (Zeze, Lilí Blues, Jacob Bass, among others, besides my children and especially my parents). CAN NOT MENTION THE PROS AND THAT THE ABBR medical team which saved my life in a blaze of DIFFICULTIES IN HOSPITAL SOUZA AGUIAR RIO DE JANEIRO. My parents were a separate story. Despite his advanced age and health problems, welcomed me with all love, like I was a baby that really needed work. (deceased in 2007 and 2008). WOULD YOU KNOW lose a limb, amputated PART OF YOUR BODY, BUT NOT amputate his HEART, YOUR LOVE OF LIFE, BY THE PEOPLE, NOT amputate his INTELLIGENCE, YOUR FEELINGS, ITS CAPACITY, ITS MUSICALIDADE BECAUSE ALL IS VIBRATION. Where did I get here, you can do much more. I went back to play, I went walking, I returned to live ... I'm still a wheelchair because the prosthesis that I have is very badly built. Looking for a sponsorship or donation to improve my prosthetic apparatus. I can not buy! This material imported is expensive. Marcelo Carvalho in front of NOVA ORTHOPEDIC has been more than a dedicated professional, has been a friend, a brother and advised me on the best equipment at cost effective since I can not pay for a high-tech prosthesis. Regardless of the motor, needs to improve, evolve and transcend. There is no trick or revenue. It is "hands on" and rely on God, with friends, groups, NGOs and join all that is good, beautiful, and positive. Working in the well, for only then good things can happen. I ended saying ... "God gives us each day a page of new life in the book of time. What we put into it, runs on us. Emmanuel (GOD)!

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