quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013


Tulio Fuzato, is the only B.A.D (Brazillian Amputee Drummer). Advertising and musician, Tulio had an accident in the subway in 2003 and was recovered with much effort and dedication.The project was born Overcomes Rock overcoming this coupled with Tulio's greatest passion of music.The lecture discusses the following topics: Planning, Training, Discipline, Focus, Motivation, Partnerships, Improvisation, Claw, Determination, Positivity, Teamwork, Time Management, Assertive Communication, Efficiency and Motivation.The big difference ROCK Project EXCEL is a mixture of lecture with the Trio (bass, guitar and Tulio on the Drums in) that ends the presentation with a pocket-show of classic Rock.The event lasts approximately two hours.HIRE! - U will be amazed!!!
phones: 55 (21) 2533-1878 - 8545-4740 Maurice Werner - Ideal space events

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