domingo, 14 de abril de 2013


SoundTrack by T. Fuzato the amputee drummer
© 2013 CrazySound Records Brazil

all instruments played by Tulio

Roland Gaia SH-1
Yamaha E-423
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
Paiste 2002

Amputee Drummer Tulio Fuzato has a great passion for keyboards and the sound of the '70s.
His themes are dramatic and spend some strength because he had a history of overcoming.
We are all warriors in this life overcoming something. You are a warrior well with me. but God always in front.
My reverence to all disable people around the world, who's overcome his challenge.
God may I can be inspiration for those who lost a limb, and for those who lost the hope in the life.
hugs to all my Musician Friends and disbled Musician. God Bless you all ..... Tulio

Until the Lord brought me here!


• DOCUMENTARY on Futura Channel -


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