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TULIO´S INTERWIEW - a brief of the facts.
Tulio employs a pair of prostheses to play the drums. My name is Tulio Fuzato, I became a drummer since 18y.o. when I wasn´t an amputee yet. I get a double traumatic amputation AK / BK: (right above knee and left below knee). I started to play the drums on a school´s party around 10y.o. when I saw the drummer playing, I was very amazed by the roaring noise and the rhythm, swing. The drum´s guy looked at me and gave me away the sticks and I sat down and started to play. I came of a musician´s family: my father plays guitar, my mom sings and my granddaddy played accordion, and I envolved, a rhythm lover. From the begining working at Studios, many years after when I to graduate in advertising, passing by a crisis, unemployed, finish relationship, rents to pay, a complex situation. When appeared a depression sick. Headless, using anti-depressant and barbituric mixed to alcohol. On a sudden, I fall in the subway. 7 months between the life and the dead. HAPPENED A MIRACLE!!! I SURVIVED!!! After recovered, my musician friends puts me back on the drums again. I had been tryed to play guitar, keyboards and I went to produce my first CD: (Listen MP3 on my site). But the love for drums makes me stay untill today. MESSAGE FOR DISABLED: you must to go untill the end. Never give up your Dreams!!! to be persistent!!! overcome his chalenge!!! I was carryed to studio almost obliged by friends. These musician friends had interested by me and my first steps was there!!! Like that an idea about my CD - Planet Madness. At this time, I got a pair of aluminum legs. So, after I constructed my web-site, OWWco. donated parts to assemble that today I can entitle of a PROSTHESIS! and I started to trying and trainning very hard on Bass pedal to acquire security to dominate the kick. At the rest, only hand´s skill. The great differentiation now being an amputee drummer is the control. Many times ago, I had a hasty temper on the drums. But now, my friends says what I´m more controlled to hit. Mellow as an old wine! Due to disable, I need to be more moderated. Once, I was drumming (back to the drums), and at the end of the Show, people to come near of me, and looked my disable. They don´t believe I could to play a drum!!! and they went amazed to home!!! they never could imagine to see an amputee on the drums! There are many preconception about disabled people. That guy doesn´t achieve something! But now, we disabled people are an important parcel of modern society in the world. We are requiring vacancy on the jobs, university, in the Music, arts and all Human fields. All the way of expression. Our opinion!!! Being overcome´s people. There´s no another way! Depend of us!!! you can to draw with his mouth. you can to swim without the arms. you can play the drums without the legs. Don´t give up your dreams!!! To be happy .... and I don´t to say about me today without the drums. My reverence to all disable people around the world, who's overcome his challenge. God may I can be inspiration for those who lost a limb, and for those who lost the hope in the life.
hugs to all my disbled Musician Friends ..... Tulio www.tuliofuzato.com.br
Thanks to ABBR, OWWco. and Ossur

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